a wonderful world of experiences

At the foot of Mount Tabor in the Lower Galilee, in Moshav Shadmot Dvora, lies a wonderful world of experiences. A variety of accommodation options in a well-equipped, tidy and cozy complex, which operates next to a wooden theme park.

A perfect vacation for families. A combination of accommodations in a magical complex in nature, and an amusement park for children

A creative home that allows its visitors to experience, feel and touch nature in a unique atmosphere and in a different way.

The khan's proximity to Gilboa, the Galilee and the Golan Heights, in the heart of an area steeped in hiking, water and heritage trails, allows visitors to spend time in diverse geographical areas

An adventure park that gives you an experiential activity day with lots of fun, and is an active tourist center for the whole family.

* Movie – The movie tells about the rainforests, the life of the plants in the forest and their importance and contribution to man.
* Drumming workshop – an experiential station, a drumming circle with the cooperation of all the children
* Maze – The maze is built of wooden walls in a winding shape with four towers. A challenging experience for children and adults seeking a way out of the big maze.
* "Pinocchio's Carpentry" – a wooden workshop for building a wooden art kit
* Karting – pedal cars travel 200 m on a neat and challenging route.
* Eretz Israel relief: a unique relief combining information about the trees in Israel.
* A unique wooden games complex that includes bowling and mini golf.

Travel rooms in the Galilee

Air-conditioned, cozy, comfortable and functional travelers' rooms with 2-5 beds in each room

• Beds with linen

• Towels

• Air-Conditioner

• En-suite toilet and shower


Common areas on each floor:

• Living room / balcony

• Shared kitchenette

• Tami 4 – water dispenser

• TV with a variety of viewing channels

• Refrigerator

• Coffee / tea products


Area for personal camping that offers quality, simplicity and serenity Arranged compound for setting up tents with lighting, arranged facilities for barbecues, facility for lighting fires, toilets and showers

Air-conditioned tent with mattresses Air-conditioned tent with shared mattresses, toilets and showers Air-conditioned tent, Glamping in the north is suitable for 6 to 50 guests staying at the place